Our Founders

We are a diverse team composed of seasoned payment consultants, business and backend developers. Together we offer over two decades of expertise in Certifying/Approving payment products and building applications that touch the market (and your wallets).

Throughout our careers we made it our core business verifying each bit in every payment application was compliant. We understood the variations in standards, the exceptions within exceptions, the problem we began to see wasn't that there are too many requirements in the market, but not enough in the workflow.

Our idea was simple. If we only had an deeply integrated workflow on how we service standardized products, our customers would be happier. We decided to update such processes whilst retaining the foundational principles behind them — that was how ATOMWORKS came to be.

Eddie, HUANG

Founder - Product Leader
York University

7+ years of payment certification tool development

Sébastien TRAM

Co-Founder - Business Developer

15+ years payment product certification, consulting and compliance experience