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With integrated EMVCo 3DS certification cycle

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One size does not fit all.

To our 3DS Lab partners we offer them tools to focus on their specialty and make informed decisions during a review.

To our 3DS providers we offer them task-oriented features to reduce their efforts while testing.

With efforts spent optimizing each party's workflow we offer optimal platform experience without compromising the one thing we all value - Time.

EMVCo Certification Cycle

Pre-compliance testing
Plus sign
Step 1

Add your product. Our intuitive interface allows you to add your product in no time

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Step 2

Self-test and debug. Take your time to test and debug. If you run into any obstacles, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Step 3

Pre-compliance submission. You just have to click the Submit button. It’s that easy. No need to contact the labs directly to transfer the results.

Don't worry you'll get an email on each status update starting from here.

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Step 4

Pre-compliance review. The lab reviews your test logs and returns an EMVCo  Pre-compliance Test Report.

Compliance testing
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Step 5

Fill ICS Web Form.
An administrative step to prepare your formal Compliance testing.

Fill it with official details of your product (goes into the LoA) and your lab will review them before submission to EMVCo for approval is permitted.

Here you get your products unique identifier (ICS Reference Number).

Loading spinner
Step 6

Compliance Testing.
Done with paper work?
Now that everything is approved, resume testing your product.

The only difference is, the whole test suite must be executed without interruption, but it's just as easy as the 
Pre-Compliance round.

Report sign
Step 7

Final Lab Report.
The lab reviews your test logs once more and returns an EMVCo Compliance Test Report.

Approve sign
Step 8

Product Approval
The final step is for you to submit the Request for Approval (RFA) package and Compliance Test Report to EMVCo.
Full product conformance will result in EMVCo granting your Letter of Approval (LoA).

Experience Effortless Functional Testing.

We've crafted a system that prioritizes simplicity, ensuring you can focus on your expertise without getting bogged down by procedures.

Trust us to handle the process technicalities while you focus on what you do best.

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Expert support.

If you ever get stuck, our experts are always there to support you through the difficulties.

We pride ourselves with the fastest and the best support class on the market, so you can expect same-day answers from us.


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The biggest positive, in my opinion, was not even some kind of a technical feature of the platform, but the ability to receive constant feedback. No matter what, they were always capable of answering all of our questions or resolving any issues and allowed us to get our certification.

Pay NL logo
Andryi Hudyma
Technical Leader, PAY

I would say the best thing about Atomworks is the support, it's really good. Responses are good. We work with some of the other vendors, and support can take a long time. But here, it's fairly quick. That's one of the key benefits, I would say.

Furqan Asghar
Founder, CTO, Logibiz Technologies

I would say just go with Atomworks. In all respects -- in speed, in professionalism, in responsiveness, in price, and convenience of the user platform they are just the best.

Oleg Tsvilodub
Head of Secure Payment Technology Department, Intervale Kazakhstan

You can get really, really good support, and really fast support via Slack.
I managed to get the certification really fast with Atomworks’ help, they were always there to answer any questions and solve any problems that I’ve encountered.

Kristjan Treimann
Software Developer, Nets Estonia AS

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