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We believe what we do in payment certification matters and we insist that tools aren't solutions until they offer beyond the obvious.

Our Open-Lab Ecosystem (OLE) model encourages labs to stay objective and unbiased about our quality and especially its verdict on your product.

This translates to a tool standard which needs to satisfy EMVCo and each individually accredited Lab even before you get to use it.

European Labs

catecom advanced logo

Cetecom advanced is a leading and renowned service provider for consulting, testing and certification with more than 20 years of experience and offers product manufacturers and developers from almost all industries and countries high-precision testing according to required standards.

With its infrastructure and connections to authorities around the world, cetecom advanced offers worldwide approval services and thus helps its customers to achieve a safe and reliable product release.

With test laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025, cetecom advanced conducts measurements of radio interfaces, electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety. In a special test area, cetecom advanced simulates the real environment with its environmental simulation tests and puts batteries - including large batteries - through their paces.

Cetecom advanced serves the area of "Payment & Identification" as a reliable partner of high-ranking acquirers, banks and payment systems and on the basis of versatile accreditations in this field. In addition to conventional contact & contactless payment devices, cetecom advanced is able to verify Tap-on-Mobile and 3DS products and perform biometric tests.

Cetecom advanced GmbH enjoys the recognition of national and international payment systems and has already been honored several times by partners with special awards for the outstanding quality of its professional services.

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Account Managers

Michael Tuernau,
Bernhard Mommenthal



Elitt logo

ELITT (Expert Lab In Trusted Transaction) is a B-to-B service company specialized in secure electronic transactions. ELITT’s business is to verify the proper operation of products (cards, mobile phones, acceptance systems, unattended terminals, etc.) and elements of the processing chain that are submitted during the phases of design, production and deployment.

The triple expertise of ELITT (evaluation – technical consulting services - audits) applies to domains of banking transaction, transportation, healthcare and identity. Member of the Secured Electronic Transactions (TES) cluster, ELITT is based within the EffiScience campus near Caen, France, and offers its expertise internationally.

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Marketing Director

Franck Quintaine



Asia Pacific Labs

BCTC logo

BCTC (Bank Card Test Center, also know as Beijing Unionpay Card Technology)  is a leading technical service provider in payment and fintech field, devoted to providing professional services including testing & assessment, certification, consulting & training, and solution development to industry stakeholders.

Qualified by global and regional certification bodies like EMVCo, PCI SSC, GlobalPlatform, FIDO, PBoC and card schemes, BCTC's testing and assessment scope covers whole payment chain, including chip IC, operating system, application, card body, acceptance terminal, mobile devices, and systems, etc..

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Bureau Veritas ICTK logo

Bureau Veritas ICTK Co., Ltd. (BV ICTK) is a global testing service laboratory with nearly two decades of experience developing customized testing solutions.

As an international testing laboratory and consultant, BV ICTK has served over 200 clients worldwide, including the world’s biggest manufacturers, banks (issuers and acquirers), value-added networks and payment schemes and has worked in the overall online and offline payment industries.

BV ICTK is dedicated to providing the best testing services for your needs, thereby contributing to product stability and interoperability.

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The biggest positive, in my opinion, was not even some kind of a technical feature of the platform, but the ability to receive constant feedback. No matter what, they were always capable of answering all of our questions or resolving any issues and allowed us to get our certification.

Pay NL logo
Andryi Hudyma
Technical Leader, PAY

I would say the best thing about Atomworks is the support, it's really good. Responses are good. We work with some of the other vendors, and support can take a long time. But here, it's fairly quick. That's one of the key benefits, I would say.

Furqan Asghar
Founder, CTO, Logibiz Technologies

I would say just go with Atomworks. In all respects -- in speed, in professionalism, in responsiveness, in price, and convenience of the user platform they are just the best.

Oleg Tsvilodub
Head of Secure Payment Technology Department, Intervale Kazakhstan

You can get really, really good support, and really fast support via Slack.
I managed to get the certification really fast with Atomworks’ help, they were always there to answer any questions and solve any problems that I’ve encountered.

Kristjan Treimann
Software Developer, Nets Estonia AS
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Frequently asked

Which lab should I choose?
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We always recommend to take advantage of our geographic coverage and pick the lab closest to your time zone.

How many labs do I need to use?
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You only need 1 lab of your choice to obtain Letter of Approval for your product.

Who’s responsible for support, Atomworks or the labs?
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Atomworks will oversee the onboarding process for our tool and provide support for any questions related to EMVCo test plans.

When it comes to reviewing test results for Pre-Compliance and Compliance, our partner labs will handle this task within our platform system.

The transition is seamless as our workflow integration means each of our Lab partner has their own Atomworks portals built to certify products.

How do I submit the results to the lab?
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We offer our Labs their own custom portals so their review process is standardized with our platform workflow.

This means you only need a click of a button to submit for a review when you're ready. Everything else will be handled automatically for you.

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