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No matter which plan you choose. 
All plans include dedicated support channels and initial onboarding support for new customers.

Flexible subscription system. 
We uniquely allow you to Pause or Activate any purchased platform subscriptions procured within the same year. Enjoy maximum test platform cost efficiency. For more details please contact us.

More labs, more choices, better services. Our OLE model has attracted and accredited multiple laboratory partnerships located in France, Germany, S. Korea and China available for your selection while we actively expand for more options in other regions.

We invite you to experience free trials of our tools before making your decision. It's a risk-free opportunity to explore and evaluate our offerings.

3DS SDK test tool
Now Available

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EMVCo Test Scripts
Mobile Emulation
Your SDK Product
Full integration of Mobile emulation with EMVCo's SDK
test suite.

Among other benefits of using Mobile OS emulation, it eliminates your need for physical devices, manages video evidence for you and cuts back your certification time by up to 50%.

Includes Android, iOS, Platform Specific

Directory Server Testing

Please contact us or our accredited 3DS Laboratory Partners for a customized sales quote.

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The biggest positive, in my opinion, was not even some kind of a technical feature of the platform, but the ability to receive constant feedback. No matter what, they were always capable of answering all of our questions or resolving any issues and allowed us to get our certification.

Pay NL logo
Andryi Hudyma
Technical Leader, PAY

I would say the best thing about Atomworks is the support, it's really good. Responses are good. We work with some of the other vendors, and support can take a long time. But here, it's fairly quick. That's one of the key benefits, I would say.

Furqan Asghar
Founder, CTO, Logibiz Technologies

I would say just go with Atomworks. In all respects -- in speed, in professionalism, in responsiveness, in price, and convenience of the user platform they are just the best.

Oleg Tsvilodub
Head of Secure Payment Technology Department, Intervale Kazakhstan

You can get really, really good support, and really fast support via Slack.
I managed to get the certification really fast with Atomworks’ help, they were always there to answer any questions and solve any problems that I’ve encountered.

Kristjan Treimann
Software Developer, Nets Estonia AS
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Frequently asked

Is the support channel included in the subscription package?
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Absolutely, we do not charge extra for your dedicated support channels. All channel comes with same day support.

Do payments go to my select Lab or Atomworks?
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We support both models of payment so it is really up to your choice.

If you target for a certification we would recommend you to arrange the purchase order and payment with our partnered Labs directly.

If you require platform access first and prefer to select your Lab later on, or prefer test tool only, we accept payment to Atomworks for the test platform access only.

Who’s responsible for my support, Atomworks or the Labs?
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Atomworks will oversee the onboarding process for our tool and provide support for any questions related to EMVCo test plans.

When it comes to reviewing test results for Pre-Compliance and Compliance, our partner labs will handle this task within our platform system.

The transition is seamless as our workflow integration means each of our Lab partner has their own Atomworks portals built to certify products.

Do you offer 3DS consulting?
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We provide EMVCo test plan and platform integration support for free. It is our aim is to ensure you exit our service with a functionally compliant 3ds component.

Questions involving any technical implementation of the 3DS core specification requirements are out of scope.

For 3DS core requirement training or consulting, those can be provided as an extended service when requested (not included in test plan support).

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