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Albert Einstein said it best
“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

By actually supporting every 3DS provider we created a tripart interface, complimenting key workflows we have identified.

Regardless of your component type, our interface offers tried and tested controls aimed at reducing certification efforts

We listed some features below but hey there's much more

Regression Tracking.
Every execution result of individual test cases can is logged in its History tab, allowing quicker identification of changes in a product during its development cycle.

Versions/regression tracking

Designed for regression checks or batch testing by complimenting the pseudo code from EMVCo.

Instead of throwing numbers at you it tells you where to look, guiding you towards a root cause.

Analyzed results trumps raw results.

Analytics feature

Sanity Checks.
After months of conquering the functionality test suite, you'll want help to check for spots you potentially missed and not covered by the tests.

We provide this as an ad hoc report system which you can easily generate.

Ensure to make use of this before you submit for a Lab review.

Sanity checks

Save / Resume your selections.
Designed for larger teams with multiple developers working systematically on the same project.

Select and Save sets of Test Case ID's with comments to instantly Resume them at another time.

Schedule test cases

Progress Transparency.
Project Managers, we heard you. Get a general or ad hoc progress of a product. All test executions are grouped into Sessions. Use sessions to review the test results in a summary fashion.

The platform monitors and notifies you on every progress update of your project from results submission to your Lab's review status.


Clear Pre-Submission Review.
Easily perform a final review of all your protocol test results before you submit them to your Lab.

Submission review feature

Focus on particular protocol and easily switch views between protocol versions during your testing or reviews.

We support all latest message protocols including v2.3.1.

Multi protocol feature

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The biggest positive, in my opinion, was not even some kind of a technical feature of the platform, but the ability to receive constant feedback. No matter what, they were always capable of answering all of our questions or resolving any issues and allowed us to get our certification.

Pay NL logo
Andryi Hudyma
Technical Leader, PAY

I would say the best thing about Atomworks is the support, it's really good. Responses are good. We work with some of the other vendors, and support can take a long time. But here, it's fairly quick. That's one of the key benefits, I would say.

Furqan Asghar
Founder, CTO, Logibiz Technologies

I would say just go with Atomworks. In all respects -- in speed, in professionalism, in responsiveness, in price, and convenience of the user platform they are just the best.

Oleg Tsvilodub
Head of Secure Payment Technology Department, Intervale Kazakhstan

You can get really, really good support, and really fast support via Slack.
I managed to get the certification really fast with Atomworks’ help, they were always there to answer any questions and solve any problems that I’ve encountered.

Kristjan Treimann
Software Developer, Nets Estonia AS

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